He suggests that they use Sumomo to analyze her to discover what company made her and what model she is. At the same time, Minoru is systematically searching through the IP addresses of every member of the persocom forum to try and determine who had sent the strange images before. He tracks Sumomo and superimposes her location onto his map, and when they arrive on the street they are able to determine which house Chii must be in. The reason for this is since Ichiro Mihara was the creator of persocoms, he viewed them all as his children. His hair is parted on the right side, and does a little up and over. This leads to some very entertaining moments between himself and the women he meets. Although many characters in the series often tease him for being a "nice guy", they turn to him for advice with their problems, knowing he will always hear them out and do his best to assist them. Before she was found by Hideki and named Chi, her name was Elda. He is Hideki's best friend and classmate at school who helps him with his Persocom Information. Hideki shows the image to Chi, but she claims that this is not the same persocom as herself. ; Broken Bird: She may be an OneeSama to Hideki, but she also lost her twin persocom daughters due to one of them falling in love with her husband. Chobits is a manga and anime series by CLAMP.The manga was serialized in Weekly Young Magazine from 2000 to 2002, and the anime aired in 2002 from April 2 to September 24. Freya then explains to Hideki that he can never engage in sexual intercourse with Chii without formatting her systems, erasing everything that makes her a unique individual. Al conocerse, Chii sólo sabe decir Chii, por lo cual Hideki … The first part of the series is dedicated to Hideki attempting to teach his chobit, which is a form of computer that can resemble a human or other life form, how to talk and interact with others at the same time as attending college prep classes. Under the assumption that she must be an especially powerful persocom to have captured the interest of Minoru, he comes to believe that she might be a Chobit. Overtime, she learns to talk more and more and eventually she is able to speak fluently. Before doing this, her father gave her a "gift"; this gift was a program, designed to do one thing. She was found in a dump site by a boy named Motosuwa Hideki.He is delighted to have found a perfectly good and very cute persocom (which is usually more than Hideki can afford) for free. In spite of this, Freya's condition continued to worsen, eventually forcing Elda to take Freya's mind and memories into herself in order to save her. He muses that it must mean that Chi's data has been lost, or that none has been installed yet, although he is confused on how she can be mobile if there is no operating system installed. Disappointed by the outcome, Zima leaves with Dita. Yumi is one of Hideki's coworkers at the bar. Once inside Chii tells him of her love, asking if it is requited. :wave: A club for people who loves Chobits:heart: The story! While this astounds Hideki, it only heightens Minoru's curiosity. Ella es una persocon misteriosa, la cual es recogida desde la basura por Hideki, pero desconoce su real procedencia. But can romance flourish between a Persocom and a human? Chi's program is almost completed when Zima unwillingly gives away her position to Dita, who goes to destroy her. Realizing this, Hideki overcomes his moral objections and manages to activate her. Even knowing this, Hideki says that he will still love Chi. He usually wears a white t-shirt to bed with sweatpants, and lately his daily clothes h… Chobits Original Soundtrack 001 was released 1 July 2003 and Chobits Original Soundtrack 002 was released 7 October 2003. Because of this, he gives her the name "Chi" (in the anime, "Chii") and takes her into his car… A tipsy Ms. Shimizu shows up at Hideki’s apartment for a personal pop quiz. Whereas the manga version of Chobits concentrates more on Hideki's point of view, with him finding out Chii's secrets, the anime is Chii, Chii, and nothing but Chii. One night, while walking home from the convenience store, he finds a persocom lying in a pile of garbage. "Elda" is the official English spelling of her real name, although "[INSERT BETTER NAME HERE]" would have made more sense as a direct translation. At this moment Hideki and Shinbo appear and Freya vanishes, causing Chii to collapse. Unfortunately, Sumomo's system crashes when she is connected. With Hideki's help, she spends the first half of the series adjusting to the real world, as she apparently was not programmed to do so. Hideki arrives and goes up to his apartment room. However, Hideki says that this will not stop him from loving Chi. Chi, however, has survived the deactivation and come to the conclusion that while life with Hideki may seem painful because of her limitations, it is even more painful without him. The events in the manga proceed quite differently from the events in the anime. Chobits Wiki is a FANDOM Comics Community. Over the cours… Amazed by Chi's ability to repel Yuzuki's probe, Minoru begins to suspect that she may be a Chobit; a legendary persocom rumored to possess true sapience. Chobits Characters: Hideki Motosuwa – Hideki Motosuwa is an 19 year old held-back student trying to enter university by attending prep school. Hideki could best be described as "a fish out of water." She reveals that Chii and herself merely switched places inside the body, but Chii has shut herself away and Freya cannot contact her. After Hideki manages to find Chii and bring her home, he reassures her that she did not do anything wrong and that if she truly desires a job, he will help her to find a good one. She has a slender body along with smooth skin and a pale complexion. She retreats inside herself, and Freya takes control as Chitose Hibiya arrives on the rooftop. Because of this, even if Chii is in love with Hideki she cannot have a sexual relationship with him since that will cause her to restart, reformat, and lose all of her memories with him. Error: please try again. Her ears are pink and white, rounded-triangle shaped. It is about the interactions between people and persocoms (referred to as "it" or "them"), and the journey of the narrator and her mirror image as they attempt to find "the person just for me." Hideki found Chii dumped outside in the garbage when he came home from work one night. He tells her that when he gets home from work he'll talk to her about getting a good job. In the end, he helps Yumi to reunite with her previous lover Hiroyasu Ueda. Hideki confirms his love for Chi, only to find that Freya has taken control of Chi's body. The word "Jord" also means Earth in Norwegian, Danish and Swedish c: Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The publication of this series is a way that Chitose can help Chi's program to execute, which remained intact after the reset. As in the anime, Zima declines to inform Dita of Chi's location or level of program completion until Dita forcibly reads it from him. She is actually an amnesiac Elda, one … In episode seven during Chi's time at the peep show, it is stated by Freya that "regardless of what happens, until someone who truly loves you appears, never let anyone touch you here." An organization known only as "The Syndicate" is aware of Chii and her special programming. Similarly, the password Chobittsu (チょびっつ, Chobittsu) for Plum, set by Hideki in episode 19 of the TV series, mixes katakana (チ, Ch [i]) and hiragana (ょびっつ, [y]obittsu), although in Tokyopop's English translation of the manga, the password is "Chobits" (with a capital "C"). The purpose of this program was to spare the persocoms of the world the pain of unrequited love. Hideki is a 19-year old waiter who studies at a cram school, he found Chi dumped in the garbage and took her as his own persocom. Chiho and Chise are younger than in Chobits and they are human. Elda was created after Mihara's wife, Chitose Hibiya, noticed that Freya, the first Chobit, was becoming increasingly depressed as time went by. Chii remembers nothing of her past life and is unable to perform simple tasks, so Hideki takes it upon himself to teach her and take care of her. Freya intervenes again, binding Yoshiyuki with all of the wires connected to Chi, and then releasing a powerful concussive blast. This is because the location of her power switch is in her vagina. Chi disregards this and leaves the apartment shortly after Hideki, looking for a job. Chii floats up to the roof of the apartment and begins to run her program, freezing every persocom with the exceptions of Zima and Dita. One morning, Chi wakes up in a human body. Chii didn’t really care whether Hideki made it into university or not. Hideki protests that it would not, but Freya tells him that Chii thought otherwise. In the manga, Zima and Dita are agents not of The Syndicate, but rather the Japanese government, who know that the activation of Chi's program will result in the deletion of the person-recognition programs of every persocom in the world. She is voiced in the anime version by Kaori Nazuka (Japanese version) and by Trina Nishimura (English version). They have been created from the same system architecture as Chi, and are immune to her ability to freeze other persocoms. Chii makes several appearances in Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle. Minoru is curious about Chi's abilities, and he agrees to scan her; four of his custom models are used, each one crashing during the attempt. Chii then states that since he isn't the one for her, he isn't allowed to come inside. (In the English manga translation, Chii refers to one of the magazines as a "tasty side dish"; in the anime's American translation, Chii refers to these magazines as "Hideki's yummies"). During this stretch in the series, Hideki is more of a father to his chobit named Chii. With the connection broken, Chii is able to complete her program but chooses not to. Now, if it were more about Chii finding out facets of her personality, basically a retelling of the manga from her point of view rather than Hideki's, this would be fine. Chii is called "Chiho" and is the daughter of Chitose Mihara (Chobits: Chitose Hibiya) and twin sister of Chise (Chobits: Freya).